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Following the (Investment) Money in Medical Devices

It will come as no surprise to medical device startups that the funding climate in medical devices is still challenging. We talked recently with two experts who come to this question with two different perspectives. – Alice McKeon is VP … Continue reading

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When Catheter Stabilization Isn’t Enough for Patient Safety

Many drivers have experienced the kind of fender-bender or sudden stop that made them glad they were wearing a seat belt. But a seatbelt can only protect us from so much — which is why airbags and more advanced safety … Continue reading

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Why IV Lines Fail: A Crazy Little Thing Called Dislodgement

With something like 300 million peripheral IV lines sold in U.S. each year – and a failure rate that’s often cited as being 50% – researchers continue to try to understand a problem that’s a daily headache in vascular access … Continue reading

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When a ‘Low Profile’ Is a Good Thing

When a company comes up with something better, it typically wants a high profile for the technology. But it’s not always the case with Focal Therapeutics. That’s because the company recently launched a low-profile version of the BioZorb® implant used … Continue reading

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Does the Mammography Debate Miss a Key Point?

Every time the US Preventive Services Task Force issues a recommendation about when women should start getting mammograms – and how often they should have these screenings – it sends shockwaves through the breast-cancer world. This last time was no … Continue reading

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Cost Conundrum: How Accountable Are ACO’s?

Among the many ways the Affordable Care Act tries to drive down healthcare costs is through Accountable Care Organizations. Just what are ACOs? HMOs in drag? And are they working? Here’s how we see the ACO landscape today: Although their … Continue reading

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IORT with Oncoplastic Surgery: A Beautiful Combination?

Breast cancer care continues to see remarkable growth in knowledge of the disease and advances in treatment. That was certainly evident at the recent School of Oncoplastic Surgery (SOS), in Dallas last month. The school, which was founded by breast … Continue reading

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